Are Tom and Linda Married?

They are the MOST MARRIED couple there is! Tom and Linda met in Art School at Pratt Institute and fell in love making a dress together for their first date. They have been living together in|creative communion|ever|since.

Who designs the Collection?

They BOTH do. The Collection is a collaborative effort between the two – bringing a “Binary” point of view to the clothes|they|design.

What is their creative inspiration?

They inspire each other!
Creating clothing can be a “Mind Altering” experience, and having New York as a backdrop is totally electrifying… BUT truth be told their ongoing inspiration is that Linda ALWAYS needs something new|to|wear…

What do they hate most about Fashion?

The feeling that last season’s Collection is obsolete. Great clothes|last|forever!!!!

Where does anyone wear these clothes?

The clothes in the Collection are real Chameleons, and are equally at home in Peoria|or|Paris.

How do the trends affect their Collection?

Trends are like a whisper of vermouth over a martini . . . gone in an instant. Tom and Linda are great believers in simple, timeless clothes that transcend the “Trend|du|Jour”.

Why do they design these clothes?

Because they can!